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At Neurolab we create best in class unique lifestyle supplements. We formulate only using premium and patented ingredients that deliver results you can see and feel. This is how we help you reach your goals and be amazing.

Product Quality

To ensure product quality we have invested in our own GMP Certified factories in Australia and the USA, along with our own product development laboratory at Rutgers University Food Innovation Centre in New Jersey USA.


Almost all other supplement brands outsource their products to faceless corporations to manufacture and are only focused on using the cheapest ingredients and cutting corners to increase margins. The care and attention to detail that customers expect is simply not there.


In our products you won’t find fillers, under dosing, or redundant ingredients. What you will find are premium-quality patented ingredients at levels clinically proven to provide results. We are all about producing the best possible product we can make.


That is why you can feel safe in trusting our products.

No Proprietary Blends

Many brands do not disclose the exact amount of ingredients in their product. This is called a proprietary blend.  Companies are required by LAW to disclose the ingredients but under the excuse of "protecting their brand" they choose to hide the actual amount that is included. We really dislike this practice. Why would you trust a brand that hides what's in their products? You DESERVE to know what’s in your supplements and that is why we have a 100% full transparent label.  We're proud of our formulas, and we disclose every ingredient along with its dosage.


No Fillers No Additives

Effective supplements begin with superior ingredients. All our raw ingredients undergo comprehensive lab testing to ensure zero tolerance for impurities for every batch we make. Some manufacturers dilute their products with cheap fillers or add chemical excipients to increase their profits. Neurolab supplements contain only active ingredients with absolutely no fillers, excipients, binders or additives of any kind.


Full Effective Doses

Purity is important, but if active ingredients are so underdosed that the product is ineffective, purity is irrelevant. Many brands add small amounts of key ingredients just to make the label look good but in reality cannot deliver effective results to users. At Neurolab, we use full clinical doses of every active ingredient we put in our formula. We formulate based on effectiveness, not marketing spin.

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