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how many calories do you burn from walking?

Do you know how many calories you burn from walking?

If not, now worries... you are not alone. Many don’t realise how a walk a day can benefit you.

In this article, we’ll answer this question and we’ll talk about the benefits of walking.

why walking is good for you

When most people talk about fitness and working out, they’re usually talking about lifting weights, running, or playing sports of some sort.

But one of the best forms of exercise you could do every day is walking.

That’s right, walking.

Walking is great for many reasons. Here are a few that are the most beneficial.

It's an easy for of exercise

One thing that’s great about walking is that it’s easier to do than many other forms of exercise.

It’s almost always easier to walk a mile than run it.

Likewise, it’s easier to walk for an hour than hit the gym for an hour.

So, if you’re newer to fitness, or just looking to add extra activity on top of your workouts without overdoing it, walking is a great way to do so.

It's probably the most common physical activity you already do

You walk everywhere. You walk to your car. You walk to the bathroom. You walk to the kitchen. You walk around your office.

The fact is, for most people, walking is the most common way you get from Point A to Point B.

you can do it anywhere

Whether you’re on a treadmill, at home, or out on a hiking trail, you can walk wherever and whenever you want. In that way, walking is one of the most versatile exercises that you could be doing.

Regardless of whether you just finished lifting weights, just woke up to your alarm, or even on lunch ... it’s likely that you can still get up and start your walk at any time.

It's a good way to do cardio

We could all benefit from stronger cardiovascular health.

Well, if you’re looking to get more cardio in your life, walking is a great way to do it.

Walking helps actively work the entire body over a long period of time.

It’s a great way to burn some extra calories all while encouraging your body to take some deep, oxygen-rich breaths of fresh air.

The calories you burn will depend on many factors

A lot of people have asked the question, “How many calories do you burn from walking,” and of course, there is no straight answer.

That’s because the number of calories changes depending on a variety of factors.

Here are just a couple of reasons why you might burn more or fewer calories than someone else you know.


In the end, you burn calories based on how much effort you put out, so the number of calories you’ll burn when you walk will partially depend on how far you walk.

The terrain that you walk on will have a huge impact as well.

You’ll burn a lot more calories if your path has a lot of uphill walking as opposed to flat stretches.


Next, how much you weigh will also determine how many calories you can burn from walking.

The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn while walking.

That’s because your body has to do more work to get and keep itself in motion.

This can be advantageous for people looking to drop 20, 50, even 100 pounds or more, but aren't sure how to get started.

As stated earlier, walking is easier on the body than many other forms of exercise.

In addition, you can do it almost anywhere you have space to get up and move around!

how to burn more calories when walking

There are lots of ways you can increase the total number of calories your body burns during a long walk.

Here are some tips we have to help maximise the benefits of your walk:


Go take a walk on a hiking trail or find a hill to climb. The more resistance you face, the more calories you’ll burn.


Since the total calories you burn is determined by the work you’re putting in, by just simply increasing your pace slightly, you can start to burn a few more calories each walk. Walking even half a mile per hour faster can make a big difference over time.


Look into things such as a weighted vest or a ruck. Both of these can add weight and increase the difficulty of your walk. Thus, increasing the calories you burn.


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