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The truth about being “fit”

The problem — when it comes to fitness — is that too many people just focus on building muscle or losing fat. But those are only two parts of a much bigger picture!

Fitness is about optimizing systems of the human body to work well together. That means understanding everything from optimal sleep quality and hormone regulation to joint health.

The six main facets of fitness:

1. Joint health

Healthy joints allow your body to deal with the strains of exercise, sports, and normal everyday activities. A lack of pain should be your everyday state!

2. Sleep

Deep, restful sleep lets your body recover from the day’s activities and wake up energized.

3. Muscle and exercise performance

Muscle is one of the two obvious fitness factors, but optimal muscle mass isn’t just for looks: it helps keep testosterone levels high and lets you enjoy physical activities.

4. Fat loss

Fat is the second obvious fitness factor: high body fat leads to lower testosterone, lower self-esteem, and accelerated aging.

5. Testosterone

Optimal testosterone levels have far-reaching benefits, including more muscle, greater mental clarity, and better mood.

6. Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular health grows in importance as you age: improving it now will not only boost your recovery but also help prevent future heart complications.


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